Hi all. New to Holley EFI and come from a N/A Carb drag racing background. Currently building an engine that I thought was going to be 58x/4x, but when the crank arrived it has come as 24x. I have a 558-103 loom which is 58x/4x. I have done a lot of reading here and watch both Holley and Devons YouTube videos, but I still have a couple of questions. No Problems on the Cam side as I'm running a 4x Timing Chain. Question I have is based around the crank sensor. I believe I will be able to use the same connector on the loom to plug into the 24x sensor on the block, however, either the male or female plug might need a rib trimmed to allow it to fit. Wiring between the two plugs should be OK. Will the 24x sensor work on 5V? Watching the videos they say it is as easy as changing the ignition program to be 'custom' and then picking 24x/4x, however no discussion on 5V vs 12V. There's a mention of both 24x & 58x needing a minimum of 3V to work, so will a 24x sensor work with 5V? I also cannot just move the 5V wire (Pin A26 in 558-103) as it appears to have other 5V wires using it, so I'd have to run another wire from the plug to a 12V source (splice into Pin A10?). Cheers and thanks in advance. I'm sure there will be lots of questions to come! DP