I'd like to try leaving on the top bulb at the track and I've read a few threads, but nothing recent. I've thought about it and came up with a plan, but I'd like opinions or hear holes in my theory. I have a Dominator ECU, solid state transbrake relay, and using stage 1 & 2 for transbrake and bump. I leave that totally alone and use a second relay also hooked to the transbrake. I setup an output to apply upon transbrake release or stage 1 release and 75% TPS. On the timer, I have 0 delay and on for ?? seconds (delay). So I engage the transbrake, bump in, release stage 1, which kills power on the one relay while simultaneously putting power on the 2nd relay for a adjustable/tunable time. The 75% TPS would eliminate any issues when backing up the car. But...even though I'm not releasing stage 1, would the bump PWM screw with it? And secondly, would there be a milisecond delay in the relays turning off while the other turning on? I thought I'd find more info on this than I did.