Does Holley offer any configurable I/O Expansion CAN modules for the Holley Digital Dashes (short of a full blown Dominator or HP ECU)? Basically in stand-alone mode, if I wanted more I/O than the 10 Digital Dash channels?

There are dedicated CAN modules for EGTs, extra injector drivers, 4 or 8 WBO2s, etc. This is for a carbed racecar that I'm not quite ready to convert to EFI yet, but do want to move to a Digital Dash and more datalogging inputs now. I also like the virtual switch configuration capability of the Digital Dash. Doing my homework to hopefully avoid buying things twice.

I don't care for the looks of the Racepak IQ3 and whole engine to hose to remote mounted sensor to VNet configuration deal. Not to mention all the sensors/Vnet modules are like $250 - $300 each channel. Thanks, Jason