I've purchased a Terminator EFI system (550-406K) with complete fuel system back in '16 during the Christmas holiday. Fast-forward to fall of 2019 and I'm ready to install this into my ride. I purchased a Holley dual sync distributor and I'm somewhat confused with the instructions to run CNP. The instructions show the LSx BLACK/YELLOW even & odd wires to be spliced together, but it literally doesn't say to connect them to the "EST Ground Out" B14 terminal in the J1B connector. The B14 terminal has a black wire in it already and it's connected to the black wires on the CAN connectors. Am I supposed to splice the LSx CNP black/yellow odd and even leads to the J1B B14 black terminal lead? My Holley 558-307 CNP main harness has the two black wires with terminal crimped. I'd have to cut them and attach them to the existing cable in B14.