UPDATE: I got the engine to run well at WOT, but I still have work to do. The short version is I turned off Closed Loop Compensation above 50% and loaded a previous known good Base Fuel Table. Engine ran cleanly to our shift points. In reviewing the previously posted datalog, I discovered the excess fuel was from huge amounts of Closed Loop Compensation. I believe the WBO2 sensor placement needs to be adjusted in the car.

And now for the longer version. I used the following settings in the System ICF:
Injection Type: TBI
System Type: Terminator Custom
Fuel Pump Prime: 3.4 sec
Actual System Pressure: 30.0 psi
Injector Type: High Impedance
Number of Injectors: 4
Rated Flow Per Injector: 171.3 lb/hr
Rated Injector Pressure: 30.0 psi
Injector Off Time: 1.14, 0.95, 0.79, 0.66, 0.56, 0.48, 0.41, 0.34, 0.29, 0.25, 0.21, 0.18, 0.15, 0.11, 0.08, 0.05

I remembered from previous road testing the car smelling rich while at WOT (we did have the windows down). Turned the Closed Loop off and road tested again. Noted the smell was gone and the engine would run to shift RPM. While road testing, I manually added fuel to the Base Fuel Table at WOT, road tested, repeated until the problem came back, then backed off the fuel until it ran well again. All this time the Actual AFR never budged from an indicated 13.9:1 ratio. As much fuel as I added, that just didn't make sense.

Back at the shop, I discussed with the car owner possible different locations for the WBO2 sensor. While the WBO2 sensor was in the header collector, I'm guessing it was too close or favored a single primary tube. I'm guess during previous road tests the WBO2 was reading lean, adding fuel to compensate for the 13.9:1 ratio while target was set at 12.5:1. We'll see if we get different readings once he moves it.

I'd still like to have the vehicle run at WOT in Closed Loop. I'll keep this thread updated with the results going forward.

Thanks Danny & Madmax2 for your comments and recommendations thus far. You've kept me thinking.