Looking for some advice. Iím in the process of tuning a Holley 850 Double Pumper. Itís sitting on top of my built 440 which dynoed at 550 HP.

Iím tuning for street driveability. Iím experiencing lean stall issues when moving from cruise circuit to power circuit under quick throttle. Talking about going from 12.5 AFR to over 18 instantly, which causes a lull in power then the carb fattens up back to 13 again.

My current carb setup on primary is:
72 jets
Stock accelerator pump, cam & spring
40 accelerator nozzle (with correct screw)
7.5 Power Valve (10 vacuum)

I just canít seem to get enough fuel when I stab the accelerator. Additionally, the car goes lean on uphill when it gets into the power circuit. Any advice on what to try next?