Customer had used his AMS1000 dome pressure sensor (SSI Technologies 75 psi absolute pressure sensor, so same as 5 bar Holley MAP) and noticed he had the calibration off. I can set it for the Holley MAP preset, but then it outputs in kPa. I'm not sure if dome targets in table are listed in PSI, how does that work if Holley automatically corrects for units? So if you want 10 psi on top of the wastegate you just type in 10 in target table, and while watching it you'd just see a dome pressure of 170 kPa? I know MegaSquirt won't play like that you have to have dome pressure scaled in kPa, and your target pressure in kPa (102 kPa there would be nothing on dome, 200 kPa would be @ 15 psi on dome for example).

I really want it all in PSI so customer doesn't get confused. I tried to do custom pressure sensor scaling in PSI, but it wouldn't let me input negative numbers (since .5V is -15 psi actually in vacuum, and 4.5 volts is @ 60 psi) so not sure. Wait, can I do it as custom MAP sensor and it will let me do negatives?