Has anyone experienced quality issues with the Holley Water/Meth system and specifically the nozzle? Last night I was on the dyno trying to dial in my newly installed Holley meth system for the first time. We made our first test pull (pump gas, low timing, low RPM) we noticed there was little to no meth being sprayed. We checked and played with ECU configurations but nothing changed? We double checked all the wiring, pump activation, pump pressure, ensured the polyurethane tubing wasn't kinked, etc., but still nothing changed? After confirming everything was spot-on per Holley's instructions and it still wasn't spraying we removed the nozzle from the discharge tube and removed the nozzle tip. We found the screen inside was full of metal shavings and the hole in the nozzle tip had a large piece of metal shaving jammed in it blocking flow. It's a brand new system, the nozzle has never been apart by me, it was assembled this way and I'm guessing maybe it was cross threaded since the threads and spring inside were pretty chewed up. Anyhow, after cleaning it out, re-tapping the threads and replacing the spring, we put it all back together and it still didn't spray hardly any meth. The ECU was commanding the meth and it pulled some fuel, but nothing close to what we had programmed. So we removed the line from the nozzle and placed it in an empty water bottle, and re-configured the pump to come on early, we filled the bottle in two revs of the motor, so I'm guessing it's definitely something in the nozzle? Has anyone else experienced an issues with these nozzles? It's not a cheap piece, so I'm pretty disappointed in the quality control, but not surprised either, I already had an WBO2 sensor die in the first 100 miles of use and a transducer die 100 miles after that! I know calling Holley will be a big waste of time since it's past 90 days of purchase, the meth kit sat on my shelf for several months before installing it. Any feedback would be welcomed.