I know it seems just a bit ignorant to put a 750 cfm carb on a 305 Chevy even if it's vacuum secondary, but I got the carb for such a good deal, I couldn't pass it up. I was hoping I could down size the jets, put a stiffer secondary spring in it, and use a small accelerator pump nozzle and tune it to work. Has anyone successfully made this happen, or am I just chasing my tail? I tried #65 jets, #50, and I will be trying some brand new #55 this afternoon if they will ever get here. Even tried #40, but it wouldn't even run with those. It idles fine with the 65s and 50s, but falls on it's face when I try to gas it some. Adjusted the accelerator pump proper, and it isn't much better. I just set the timing, but figure I should make sure it is still on. Just looking to see if anyone knows what the magic combo is, or if I should just sell it and get a 1850.