I'm curious after messing around with my Base Fuel/Timing Tables to gain more resolution on those tables. I got to thinking is there a formula for figuring out the amount of fuel in lb/hr needed for a vehicle to idle? I Googled some stuff and came up with this, correct me if I'm wrong:
Per Liter of displacement = approx .08 - .1 Gallons per hour = .49 lbs/hr - .62 lbs/hr
So mine being a 438ci = 7.178 Liters = 1.896227 Gallons = 11.7 lbs/hr

I'm horrible with math, so I could be completely wrong, but if there's a better formula or you could point me in the right direction that would be much appreciated. Just curious as to how you determine the lowest value of fuel lbs/hr that can be entered on the table. Not looking for an exact answer just some input.