This system is awesome! I just need a little help on getting that perfect idle stability. It's a 408 stroker with a cam with 228° duration. T56 transmission, Fast intake with Holley 112-589 throttle body, so it has an idle air bypass screw.
I have the idle set at 850 with the IAC steps stabilizing at 4-6%. With the A/C off, it's consistently stable as much as I can tell, but it's hot out and I've been driving with A/C on for most of the three days that I've had it running. With the A/C on, it's inconsistent for its stability. Most of the time, it's great, but occasionally it'll stall when releasing the clutch when coming to a stop.

Changes I have made to the tune after the first Wizard start are: IAC STARTUP DECAY TIME reduced by 20% across the whole range due to it running rough initially after startup. I saw the AFR in the 10s-12s then switch to 14s when it started running smooth. The 20% reduction really helped this. When it's cold (65°F right now) it still a bit rich on after start. If it's over 80°F then it starts like expected.

Next I increased the A/C IAC Kick percentage to 5%. This seemed to reduce the effect of the ac compressor kicking on and the RPM dropping then recovering. I've just increased the IAC RAMP DECAY by .5 to 5.5, but have not test driven it.

I thought about increasing the IAC HOLD POSITION to 45, but want to test drive the last change before the next. Does anybody have any guidance on this issue?