I understand when a fuel modifiers such as coolant temp are active above a 100% or 0% setting, that no Learning occurs. But is this the same rule for a 1D Table when the offset value is 0%?

I have my Flex Fuel Offset 1D Tables for fuel & spark scaled at 0% offset for ethanol content between 75 & 85%. I did this because I did not want the flex tables making changes at the track. My car is well tuned between 75% & 85% ethanol and will only race at this percentage.

My question is when the 1D Table Offset is 0% in a certain range, should I see normal Learning from other aspects of the system, or is all of the 1D Table considered an active Fuel Modifier and no Learning occurs? Should I switch the 1D Table off at the track to be sure the system will Learn normally?