Hi all, I know there are some posts/articles out there on how to isolate/address EMI issues (with mostly Sniper, self contained units) but mines a Stealth Ram with the GM TPI (early style, Weather-Pack not Metri-Pack connector) mounted on the 58mm Accel Throttle Body.

My question is about TPS %, and the fact that while idling it reads 0% all the time on the LCD display, and on the laptop Online dash/monitors however when I datalog just sitting at IDLE it shows about .25%, or basically not enough to flip to 1% that would indicate any TPS input to the ECU.

Included a screenshot of the datalog at IDLE, so should I expect that the TPS% while engine is running be dead on 0% just like it is with KEY ON ENGINE OFF? In other words, could that minuscule .25% just be engine vibration and NOT anything to do with EMI?

If it's EMI, would a valid test be to simply disconnect the TPS and if the .25% drops to 0% then I know it's the TPS generating that signal? Conversely if the .25% is still being seen by the ECU/Live/Datalog then can I assume it's EMI induced to the wiring?

NOTE: TPS has been replaced 2x with ACDELCO OEM part. Also, I've had issues with the TPS fluctuating from 0-1% at times, and (using Danny's suggestion) after doing a TPS Auto-Set backed off the IDLE SET SCREW on the TB about 1/4 turn to eliminate that. The TPI throttle body return spring is not easily serviceable, and not conducive to adding a secondary carb style spring anywhere.

I also would note my TPS RoC channel is never showing active which I included in the LOG screen shot.

Any and all input is appreciated, and I would LOVE to see someone else's live/online LOG of TPS with ENGINE IDLING to see if it stays dead on 0.00% all the time or if a little signal is generating from just engine running/vibration. Thanks for your time!