Can anyone help sort out boost control on a single solenoid? I don't have any more I/O to do dual.

When I initially had it setup, it worked pretty good but was a little creepy at high rpm. Not a huge deal. I started reading around to fix it and realized I had it plumbed wrong for using the bottom port only on the wastegate. The error is that I had the vent & source ports flipped. Configuration was MAP pressure. The other thing that was strange was the duty cycle table out of the box went to only 15.6 psi, but I have a 3 bar. But at this exact configuration, it worked.

On Wednesday I redid the duty cycle chart by using some datalogs. That made it underboost and with a target of 22 psi and it showing it should be near 50% duty. The datalogs show it dropping to 19% duty.

On Thursday I found the plumbing error and when I fixed that, it overboosts. Showing 22 psi target, it makes 30 psi and shows a duty of less than 0%. I'm thinking I should just put it all back to "wrong" at this point.

This was my original duty setup. This was just "out of the box".
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Here's my corrected plumbing. I had 1 & 3 reversed originally, and I'm only using the bottom port of the wastegate:
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When I changed up the duty chart, this is what it looked like, the duty chart here shows it should be at about 46% here, not 19%:
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And when I corrected plumbing this happened:
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