First time poster here, any advice is appreciated! 1970 Mustang with 351W, MSD 6AL Ignition Box, Pro-Billet Distributor #8478 (locked out), Blaster 2 coil and Sniper EFI controlling the timing. Everything WAS running great until one night the car just falls on its face pulling out of my parking spot. Got it restarted, halfway home it dies again, sadly had to leave it overnight and get it towed home the next morning ($100 and my pride was lost). Sniper was getting fuel, but no spark to any of the plugs, so I replaced the magnetic pickup in the distributor, STILL no spark. So I began testing:
1) Pulled my coil wire off my distributor and put a spark plug in it. I can ground out my white points wire and get a spark to that plug!
2) I can use a paperclip to arch across the green/purple connection from the 6AL box and get spark to the plug in the coil wire!
3) When I try to just turn the key and get spark to the plug in the coil wire, I get nothing.

I traced all my wires and found that my alternator was bad, so I replaced it, but sadly still no spark. It's the typical 65 amp alternator that these cars came with stock. Since I'm running more electronics and the electric fuel pump, is a bigger amperage alternator the answer? TIA