Hey All. I'm building an AMC 401 Stroker (427ci) for Desert and Rock Racing (think Baja/Ultra 4/BITD). I've been recommended Terminator over Sniper due to the dedicated and potted ECU. Next question is:
Option 1 - HyperSpark Ignition, HyperSpark Coil, HyperSpark Distributor with Terminator EFI (nervous about the dependability of the coil/ignition in off-road).

Option 2 - MSD Digital 6 Offroad Ignition, MSD High Vibration Blaster Coil, HyperSpark Distributor (EFI Timing Advance) with Terminator EFI (nervous in doing EFI controlled timing, but trust the MSD Offroad ignition/coil).

Option 3 - MSD Digital 6 Offroad Ignition, MSD High Vibration Blaster Coil, MSD Pro Billet Distributor (Use mechanical/Vacuum timing) with Terminator EFI (most familiar with mechanical advance and trust the MSD Offroad ignition/coil).

Option 4 - Davis Unified Ignition HEI Distributor(mechanical/Vacuum timing) with Terminator EFI I already have this Distributor/Ignition installed on my current AMC 360 engine and could transfer it over to the 401 while having the builder do some updating to the weights/springs for the new build. This distributor has been great to date, but I'm open to spending the money to do a new ignition and EFI controlled advance and selling this with the 360.

Also, side question, any opinions between MSD Blaster SS coil vs the MSD High Vibration Blaster Coil?

I'm looking for a robust, dependable, and well performing ignition and distributor setup, and I'm interested to get all your thoughts. I don't have any experience with EFI advance, but assume that I can figure it out and do it if it's the right thing to do. My current engine has Howell TBI and DUI HEI.