OK, where to start. New bracket car I bought as a roller. Built engine, new everything but distributor base. The new MSD 6AL with built in 2-Step, new crank trigger, SS Blaster coil. Moroso Ultra 40 wires. Car starts great, very good throttle responses. But will not rev past 4600 RPM 90% of the time. Out of 5 test runs trying new ideas it revved past 4600 and up to 7500 with only a slight stumble in 2nd around 4600/5000ish. It hits a wall like a rev limiter.

I've been running circles in my head and have an idea that I'll have to verify once i get home, but my question is: Would low voltage cause this to happen like clock work? At 4600? You can slowly rev it up and the tach drops as soon as it touches 4600. I have no alternator on the car, I charge between runs, dual batteries of unknown condition, but does spin the 11.5 to 1 engine quickly. Don't ask about the wiring because it's like a box of 5 year old Christmas lights, a nightmare. I'm hoping it is losing voltage as my plan this weekend is to pull the complete wiring out and start new. I'm just hoping to do it with a smile on my face in high hopes that's what it is. Any ideas would be greatly accepted and answered the best I can.