So I've got a weird problem. Helping a buddy on his 383 Malibu and we're trying to get the Terminator ECU to control the timing. We have the 558-304 harness plugged into the distributor and the ECU ignition harness. We set the idle timing to 15°, turned off Idle Spark control. Set the ignition graph between 15° & 32° as required for the engine. With the timing light we verified the idle timing was 15°, we brought the engine up to 3000 RPM, timing went to 26° on the light and the handheld and laptop both read the timing at 32°, even though the graph was set to be at 32°. We set the static timing to 30°. Idle timing was still at 15° on the light. Brought the engine up to 3000 RPM, and the timing light read 26°, and the handheld and laptop both read 32°. Ignition Reference Angle is set to 10°. Iinductive Delay, we tried multiple different numbers, all the way up to 400 msec, and still the timing on the light never got above 26°. HELP. Thanks.