Hello to everyone. I'm a newb to this forum, so intros are in order. I have been using this forum as a resource to support an installation of a Sniper system on a inboard ski boat. I have it ironed out pretty well now and wanted to contribute to the knowledge base here. My install:
1987 Sierra Supreme
350 Vortec built by me. Engine Dyno produced 400 HP/425 ft/lb with carb and headers.
Sniper 4150 with a HyperFuel surge tank and Dual Sync distributor.
7” Holley Digital Dash running only the oil pressure as an incoming.

I did not try to cut costs on this build. I wanted it to be as robust as possible. Steel braided lines, the Digital Dash, etc. The build took over two years, but that was due to me going slow on the engine build. I've been building race cars for years, but mainly Honda’s for track events. This Holley unit is very different than what I'm used to, but very easy to install and get running. That is when the problems started for me. EMI & RF plagued me for the first couple of trips, and with Holley Tech Support, I was able knock most but not all of it out. I have since tried a few things and it now runs like a champ. THE Hondaman.

UPDATE: I've whipped the EMI/RFI out of the system! Read my post in the Sniper forum! Big story.