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Thread: Terminator to Dakota Digital VHX gauges using BIM-01-2-HLLY

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    Default Terminator to Dakota Digital VHX gauges using BIM-01-2-HLLY

    I've searched and found a few threads, but not one that answers my question. I'm using the BIM-01-2-HLLY to communicate between the Terminator ECU and the gauges. I can get either the 3.5" touchscreen to work or the dash. But not both. I've tried using the CAN1 for the handheld & CAN2 for the dash with CAN1 set to the normal setting (can't remember exactly what it says) and CAN2 set to Racepack. The handheld will work, but not the dash. If I set both CAN1 & CAN2 to race pack then the dash will work. It doesn't matter which connector is connected to what. That's the only way I can get it to work. I'd really like to have both working for the first little while, since I will be breaking in the new engine. After that I'm okay with only using the dash and carrying my laptop with me in case I need it. Has anyone found a way to get both to work? I'm using V4 EFI software. I haven't dared upgrade to V5 yet, sine I'm not exactly sure how to do it, and I really don't want to brick this thing. I need it out of my shop so I can get my Jeep back in there, and get it finished before I go to Moab in September. Thanks for the help.
    EDIT: I should mention that this is the Terminator stealth with trans control, on a BBC 502.
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    Same issue with using EFILIVE or HPT. Gauges hooked up, no scanner. Gauges unplugged, scanner links. Don't know as anyone has gotten a workaround setup. We are currently trying to use EFI and HPT with CAN Bus Speedhut gauges. No dice. There are discussions over on the TriFive board:
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    Thanks for the reply & link. Looks like it's a known issue. That's a bummer that they both won't work. I've been using the laptop instead of the 3.5" handheld. The biggest problem I'm having now is no speedometer on the dash. I have everything setup like the Dakota Digital instructions say (I've checked three times now) and still no speedometer. I can pull up the Holley dash on my laptop and the speedometer works there. But no signal to the dash. Or at least not the right one. I'm going to call Dakota on Monday and see what they have to say. I really don't want to spend another $200 to buy the GPS module from Dakota to get it to work. But I might have to. I searched the forums here for a solution and found a couple different threads, but no solution in any of them.

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    Keep hounding Dakota Digital. For whatever reason their software people can't seem to get this box working. Various people have had various channels not working. Eventually they get it working after hounding DD for weeks. Andrew
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    I've talked to Dakota Digital a couple times now. They've been helpful and giving me a few different things to try. But still no speedometer. I got one more thing to try before I get mad and chew some butt until the give a screaming deal on the GPS unit. But I've got some cooling issues going on and I'm waiting for a new radiator to show up before I can drive it again. My 26 year old radiator just isn't up to cooling this 502. I'll keep this thread updated if I find a solution to the speedometer problem.

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