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Thread: Ethanol content display?

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    Default Ethanol content display?

    I just installed my content sensor and activated the three 1D Advanced Tables as the YouTube and manual said too. I wanted to add a ethanol percent gauge to the 3.5" TSLCD display, but was unable to find it in the gauge setup menu. Is there a way to do this I’m just not seeing?

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    Have you looked here: Page 28 looks promising. Andrew
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    I've used the custom gauge screen, however, there's not an option under the channel selections for the ethanol content sensor.

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    I wish I was more familiar with the 3.5" touchscreen. Are you certain that the flex fuel input is active? Can you display it as a gauge on the laptop? Andrew
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    I know the tables are active due to the car is running good on a tank of E85 currently. I do not have the cable to link directly to my laptop yet, however. I do plan on getting this cable in the future however. The content sensor I added in the Advanced Table section is not even an option in the gauge menus, however.

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    Can you upload your tune here? Andrew
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    Here's the attached tune I'm currently running.
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    I was able to open your Config File. The flex fuel sensor is enabled in the I/O ICF. I was able to bring up the gauge display on my laptop and I can see the flex fuel sensor channel being available for display. I don't know what that means as far as being displayed on the 3.5" touchscreen, but it's definitely there as a viable channel. I hope this helps. Andrew
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    I did notice the ethanol content inside the EFI software. I was wondering if there's a way to get it to display on the 3.5" touchscreen, or if there's a way to make a custom gauge in there for the content sensor. Thank you for all your help so far, Andrew.

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    If you're asking if you can view your ethanol content on one of the three programmable gauge displays, the answer is no. If you're asking can you view the ethanol content on the 3.5" display, the answer is yes. You have to go into the I/O Monitor, not the Multi Gauge displays.

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