I currently have an Accel Gen 7 on a SBC that's Turbocharged. Manual transmission, old school, no Traction Control. I'm looking for a replacement ECM and having another stand-alone harness made. So I'm shopping for a new ECM and if I go Holley, the HP is most likely what I'd use. First off, I'm still a little ticked off that MSD bought out Accel and then Holley bought out MSD and when they did, they threw away all the vital parts needed to keep the Gen 7 alive, which put me in the predicament that I'm in now having an extinct FI system! And to make it worse, I'm going make it more profitable for them doing what they did buy buying a new system. OK moving forward. Since I really don't want this same thing to happen again any time in the near future, I'm a bit concerned at how long the HP ECM has been out and how much longer it will be serviced? Is there anything coming along to replace it soon? My main reason for going Holley is that I consider them to be the safest bet on not getting bought out by somebody else and shutdown. (Kinda ironic isn't it.) And I also really like having a large customer base and a Forum like this one to solve problems. Thanks in advance.