Need help again with Terminator X. Did the swap to E85. Got the flex fuel sensor working and then added the Advanced Table for the Fuel Flow Multiplier. When I turn on the advance mode it won’t rev over 2400 RPM. It’s almost like a rev limiter is activated, but I know it's not and double triple checked it. Once I put the pump gas tune in, it runs fine and revs up like normal and everything. I looked over the tune files from Matt’s (Sloppy Mechanics) page and I believe I have everything correct. Pretty much copied his flex fuel settings. Any help is appreciated. I can send screen shots or my tune to ya if that’ll help. I’ve played with it for a while and still doing the same thing. Still on gasoline as fuel type and just added fuel multiplier and flex fuel sensor to the tune.

UPDATE: The problem starts once I enable my advance in tool boxes. It’s just the default file, so I’m not sure if that could be the problem, but problem starts once I enable that folder and stays with it even if I disable it. I ended having to remake my tune completely over to get car to work correctly. Car is a 5.3L S475 with Stage 2 cam, BTW. Basic turbo build with Terminator X. Using Deka 80s and LS1 intake. Pro heads.