Is this possible, using CAN Bus 1 & CAN Bus 2 with the same HP ECU? Can the ECU address each LCD on the CAN Bus independently to effectively show different Multi-Gauge panels on each? Have no need to make tune changes on either LCD, just for dual display reasons. I like to live monitor the AFR & Sensors built-in dash configs as quasi warning lights (yellow/red scaling colors), but have to switch between them manually to do so. Would love to mount two 3.5" (effectively 3.5 x 7") side by side which would fit nicely in my car vs one of the bigger, more expensive Digital Dash/TSLCD units. I already have analog speedometer/tachometer, and other vitals gauges in dash. Anyone actually try this? Sorry if it's been answered already, I did a quick search and didn't find anything. Thanks!