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Thread: Sniper 1250, where to add Water/Meth nozzles?

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    Default Sniper 1250, where to add Water/Meth nozzles?

    Hi. I'm in the process of switching from a carb/177 supercharger to the Sniper 1250 and a turbo. I want to keep using the Water/Meth kit I have. I previously had the nozzle under the carb in a spacer tapped for the nozzle. I talked to Holley tech support and after some researching, they suggested spraying into the "carb" hat, before the Sniper unit. Has anyone done either and had experience, good or bad? Thanks.

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    On my twin turbo SBC, I've been spraying mine right at the merge where each turbo outlet came together, about 12" in front of the hat. I haven't changed any of it since adding the Super Sniper. Works like it always did.

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    The WBO2 sensor would be the only sensor providing feedback to the control loop if installed below the Sniper.
    When the Water/Meth is active, it will provide a cooling effect on the incoming air charge.
    Installed above Sniper allows the MAT sensor to read the cooler air charge providing tuning flexibility.
    E.G. Fuel table, Air Temp Enrichment. Spark Table, Timing vs Air Temp.
    How do you intend to control the W/M stage or what was controlling the previous W/M setup?
    Have a read through the Sniper Nitrous control strategy. You might be able to re-purpose it to control your W/M.
    E.G. Use a PWM output and Dry/Progressive nitrous stage. This would allow you to progressively control W/M% based on boost.
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    I run the Water/Meth in the same place I did with the carb. I have one big nozzle before the supercharger and two smaller ones in the hat.

    As a side note, I'm pretty sure the Sniper MAT sensor is extremely slow to respond and not giving terribly accurate readings. I planned to start a new thread on that very topic. The reason I feel this way, is I have looked at datalogs for three different boosted setups during drag passes, and in every case the MAT varies less than 2° and often varies 0° from the start of the pass to the finish. There is just no way a boosted application sees absolutely no increase in manifold air temp during a drag pass. I called Steve Morris Engines who was a development partner with Holley on the Super Sniper, and asked them to look at some dyno pulls where they use a separate dedicated MAT sensor, and see how it compares to the Sniper MAT. Have not heard back yet.

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    I have two nozzles injecting after the blow off valve and before the throttle body. I think there are mixed reviews about injecting before the supercharger, although I've never tried it myself. Tried to add photo, but I think it was too large.
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    Originally, I had a Snow boost switch which was non-progressive, but went to the AEM V2 progressive controller and plan to keep that. It seems to work very well and is tunable enough for my combo. Sounds like either in the boost piping near the carb hat or at the carb hat is the way to go. Thanks everyone.

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