I've decided I want to try playing around with different lockup settings, but I can't quite wrap my head around it. Currently, I have my 4L80E set to lockup in 4th while cruising. If I wanted to lock it in 3rd at WOT, I would set the TPS deactivation to 105%, and the minimum gear to 3rd. The part I'm confused about is the minimum RPM setting. Do I leave it low (1800 RPM) so it will still lock in 4th when cruising? Or do I need to set it higher (~5000 RPM) and lose my lockup ability when cruising in 4th? I'm confused on how the Speed vs TPS table for lock/unlock works with the minimum RPM to enable setting. Any guidance in the right direction would be very helpful. BTW, it's a triple disk, so it's OK to lock under WOT. Thanks.