Hello from down under. I have a frustrating fuel pressure problem on a brand new setup I have. Itís a 308 stroked to 383 Holden (Aussie) engine. I keep getting issues with the fuel pressure climbing up. With the ignition on, only the pressure shoots up to where I set it quickly, but shortly after you can hear a rattling in the regular start to develop at this point the pressure starts to rise and I canít do anything to regulate it. Iíve tried adjusting the pressure, checked for restrictions or kinks, check with a different gauge, double checked the mountings for rattles all the obvious stuff. Definitely sounds like the valve inside the regulator. My setup is: Fuel tank - filter - Holley Black pump - filter - 12-704 high volume regulator - fuel log and pressure gauge - Holley 750 ultra. All -8AN & 1/2Ē lines. Any advice on what else to check would be much appreciated. Thanks!