Hello. I bought a brand new Digital 6AL & 8910EIS tach adapter to install on my 1990 Celica GTS with a 2.2L engine. The problem I'm getting is it won't stay running. I get one single pop when I turn it over, but that's it. Everything was bought new not used. I have wired it as follows:
Original coil negative - Tach Adapter Black
Original coil positive - MSD small Red
Tach Adapter Red - MSD small red (splice in)
Tach Adapter Green - MSD Purple and Green
MSD Orange - Coil Positive
MSD Small Black - Coil Negative
MSD Large Red - Battery Positive
MSD Large Black - Battery Negative
It seems like it fires, but doesn't run. It just gives me one pop, but that's it. Any help is appreciated! I've been chasing this problem for a while now any help is appreciated! The car runs just fine when I remove the MSD box, so I'm thinking it could be a wiring issue.