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Thread: That dang SD card.

  1. Default That dang SD card. [SOLVED]

    OK, so here we go. When trying to update the firmware on the 3.5" TSLCD, I did what I saw many people say to do and just delete everything on the SD card. Then copy the new .fwu file to it, and turn on ignition to update. It worked.

    I've downloaded multiple slightly tweaked tunes from the ECU onto the handheld SD card after multiple test & tunes, all with a different name. But when I open the SD card folder on my computer, they are nowhere to be seen. I also am still NOT able to create a tune on laptop, save to SD card, and upload to ECU from handheld. "Invalid GCF ID" error every time. Did I mess up a folder structure or what?

    1. Put SD Card in computer and create a backup of everything on it just in case.
    2. Delete everything on SD Card.
    3. Right click on the SD Card and choose "Format" (select all default settings)
    4. After format, place the latest firmware update file from Holleys website right into the SD Card
    5. Remove from computer and insert back into touchscreen handheld in the car.
    6. Turn ignition on (don't start car) and allow the firmware update process finish.
    7. When it says "remove sd card / reboot device", remove sd card and immediately put it back in while ignition is still on.
    8. Turn ignition off after the handheld screen returns to a normal state.
    9. You should now have the proper default folder structure back and can use sd card at will. Solved all my problems that I listed above!
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    Can I ask what file system you used when you formatted? FAT16, FAT32, NTFS? I'm guessing the card should be formatted FAT32, but just want to make sure. Thanks!

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    Yes, FAT32. I just did an update this past weekend and formatted SD Card with FAT32. Joey.S

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