Hey everyone. I'm having a problem here. I'm not sure I can verify it's with the Dominator, but here's where I'm at so far. Bowtie V6 (block and heads) Custom Cam, 76mm turbo, 160 lb/hr injectors, HEI style distributor (MSD but stock like for '92 Typhoon), MSD wires, NGK TR5 plugs, E85.

Problem is as such. Engine can be hard to start, not too worried about that as I haven't really started tuning yet. I'm using a tune from a fellow SYTY guy that has a pretty similar build. It has to warm up to run better. Anyway, if I mash on the throttle in Park, it revs lazily and vibrates badly at 3K RPM & up. It is a solid roller engine FYI, if that matters. When I drive the truck it runs but rough, not rough as in it can't get around, but no real performance and sloppy. Tach does not bounce (on SYTYs usually indicates an ignition issue).

What I've done for troubleshooting so far: Check plugs & wires, plugs all look good except for one thing, all of the driver side plugs have no coloring on the thread landing, the passenger side plugs do. Nothing bad, no build up, just a discoloration (a blackish color like soot, but there's no soot). I went ahead and did a compression check, 152 psi on every cylinder. I then used a node light to verify injectors are firing, all good there. Pulled one plug wire at a time to see if one had no change, they all had a good RPM drop. Last thing, I tried my 80 lb/hr injectors, no dice, still runs exactly the same. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?