I have a problem with my Terminator X. The combo is a supercharged 403" LSx, 11.5 comp, 12 psi, high 250s camshaft, Powerglide, 5500 converter, makes around 950 HP at the crank. Our problem is at 6800 RPM, it's loosing RPM signal under load on the dyno. It doesn't loose RPM if you free rev without load. We have tried new sensors, closing up the air gap in both crank & cam sensor, checked wires, its a 58x loom which has been repinned correctly and plug changed over to suit the 24 crank sensor (black). We're getting a Diag #6 show up in the datalogs, which I'll upload along with some pictures. Fuel pressure and injector scaling is perfect, they're high impedance which is correct. AFR is perfect until the RPM loss, which then cuts power to injectors instantly. We're at the stage where engine may have to be pulled out to check condition of reluctor wheel, which should be good considering it ran perfect with the old standard ECU. Any help would be fantastic.