Yes, read 2nd paragraph below.

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EFI Software & ECU Firmware Versions:
EFI SOFTWARE: click "Help" tab (top toolbar) & "About Holley EFI".
ECU FIRMWARE: click "Sync With ECU" & "Get ECU Info" (Key-on/USB connected).
The latest EFI software & ECU firmware can be downloaded here: (Holley EFI Technical Library) (HP & Dominator Quick Start Guide) (How To Update ECU Firmware)
Before updating firmware, ensure the current Global File is saved somewhere, since it will be erased from the ECU.

Latest V5 EFI Software & ECU Firmware:
The latest Holley EFI V5 software & firmware can be downloaded HERE.
Read the V5 Software Overview document HERE, or in the EFI software "Help" Contents.
Successfully install the new V5 EFI software (laptop), before installing the V5 ECU firmware.
Ensure the Holley EFI software is not open and the ECU is not powered on/connected when installing the new software.