I'll start off by saying I should've just bought the Dominator from the get go, but I had a TH400 when I bought the HP. Now I wish I had transmission control, but I cant afford the Dominator right now. I just installed a FiTech Go Shift 4L80E controller and it won't pickup a tach signal. I'm thinking the square wave signal from the blue/white tach wire is not the correct signal. Is there any way to run the FiTech off the Holley HP? Any help would be much appreciated. Colt

This is from the FiTech manual: "This tach input wire triggers the system. It connects to the negative terminal of a 12V coil. This is how the system receives RPM signal. Isolation of this wire is crucial. DO NOT loom with harness or any other wires. Connect to a TACHOMETER Signal, such as the negative side of a standard ignition coil, or to the tachometer signal output of an ignition system. DO NOT CONNECT TO A COIL THAT IS POWERED BY A CDI IGNITION SYSTEM!!! This will void your warranty, and damage the FiTech EFI GO-SHIFT Electronic Transmission Control TCU. This is an OPTIONAL connection (shift points can be set by VSS only, but risks over-revving the engine if not set carefully)."

UPDATE: Never mind. After a rude conversation with their tech dept, I've decided to return it and go back to my manual VB.