Two questions regarding installation of the Holley SBC 60-2/58x crank trigger:
1) Is it OK to paint the crank trigger wheel or will this make it hard for the pickup to work?
2) Crank trigger wheel install: I read the "Magnetic & Hall-Effect Crank/Cam Sensor Setup" article including the relevant section 1.3 "60-2 Wheel", I just need it dumbed down/simplified a bit. (I'm not looking to setup the EFI now, just get the engine assembled so it can go back in the car, so I don't even know roughly where the crank trigger wheel normally get positioned.) From the instructions, it sounds like the location of the tooth gap doesn't really matter as the gap is at least 9 teeth away from wherever the sensor goes (but again I don't know where the sensor goes), so With Cylinder #1 at TDC and while looking at the crank from the front what positions on the clock should I AVOID having the 60-2 wheel gap installed at? ("11 o'clock-1 o'clock= bad", etc..)

-There's not an infinite amount of adjustability in placing the gap as the wheel has 3 holes; which position should I avoid?
(If anyone has a photo of an assembled SBC with the Holley 60-2 crank trigger installed in a "typical" location, that would also help answer my question; I can't find a single picture of an SBC with one installed, though...) Thanks, Adam