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Thread: Chrysler/Dodge DBW on Dominator issues.

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    Default Chrysler/Dodge DBW on Dominator issues.

    I'm just finishing up install of a Dominator on a late model Hemi with a DBW system single throttle body (Late). I'm using the TB & pedal that Holley specifies and they're brand new from Dodge. Part numbers 4951847 & 4861714. I've setup everything according to the instructions and completed the "TPS Autoset successfully". My issue is in the gauge panel "Pedal Position" shows "error!". I have no throttle body control and not getting any injector pulse or ignition spark. "Pedal TPS" does show a signal when I actuate the pedal. Pedal TPS#1 goes from .23V to 2.29V and Pedal TPS#2 goes from .45V to 4.54V. The throttle blade does not move, but the signals show "TB TPS#1" .87V and TB TPS#2 4.11V. TB Position also reads 6% all the time.

    Someone please help me. This isn't my first time with a Holley system, but it is my first DBW setup. I've reached out to Holley tech support, but they've proven not very helpful. I was supposed to receive an email so I can send my Global File and datalog, but never received the initial email.

    UPDATE 6/4 Holley Tech instructed me to downgrade to version V4 build 110. This has worked so far, no errors and everything functions. I believe they're working on correcting V5.

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    I went through the same install of the late 251 throttle was a disaster, as I got the same problems as you. However, I was running dual 251 throttle bodies. I even bought brand new Chrysler TBs, and had the same problem with the ported ones. Version V/110 is supposed to be better, however for me, never again. If you can go with cable drive TBs, I'd go with those. My 2 cents.

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    I'm running all the latest versions. I'm going to continue to give this a chance, but I'm not against converting to cable TBs. Hopefully Holley can help me out. Who makes a cable TB replacement for a factory TB?

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    Which pedal are you using? I'd stick to it and make DBW work. There are many tuning options that open up with DBW. Andrew

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    Pedal is a 4861714. It's what Holley says to use. Trust me I really want this to work.

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    I wish I had more experience with the Dodge parts. I know the GM DBW pretty well. Good luck. Andrew
    IG @projectgattago

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    Default Update

    Holley Tech instructed me to downgrade to version V4 build 110. This has worked so far, no errors and everything functions. I believe they're working on correcting V5.

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    Awesome! I'm glad you have it working. Andrew
    IG @projectgattago

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    Thanks dude.

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    I'm having the same issues. I tried to start it up today using V5, no spark/fuel and TB is sitting at 6%. I've found V4, I assume simple enough to downgrade versions, but I have a Pro Dash so not sure what to set that to. I can't find lower software version of the firmware for that Pro Dash. My tuner has been super helpful, so I'll talk to him about all of this.

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