Howdy. Trying to get my continental flex fuel sensor working on my terminator X. Showing a Low/Err on the gauge panel and the fuel flow multiplier isn't making adjustments. The sensor is located in the return from the regulator. Followed The Holley instructions on the V4 EFI software instructions/YouTube video put out by Holley on the subject. I splashed 5 gallons of E85 into my tank half full of 91 octane and ran the car for 30 mins and still no reading. The car has already been tuned on 91/meth.

-Power/ground is good. Checked it all the way to the sensor plug. Used the wiring diagram online (1= 12v, 2= G, 3= v-out)
-Double checked my input wire to the Terminator to confirm it was the correct color. Any thoughts on what next to check?
Mark Hutchison
5.3L VSR 78/75 TH400 E46 BMW. The GMW