So I got my I/O Harness today and got it installed and run into the cab. This brought up a few questions about my base fuel rail pressure if I kick on a second pump. So if I use the either the TPS or PSI to turn on the secondary fuel pump, this will increase my base fuel pressure and with that said, I'm running a Aeromotive X1 Series Fuel Pressure Regulator that is a 1:1 ratio off of boost. Will this mess with my injectors or tune at all?

I just really dialed in the tune on E85 with both pumps on at all times (Dual 400 LPH AEM pumps), just curious how kicking on a second pump will effect things and if there is anything I should keep any eye out for. My regulator and -10 return line is big enough to run fine with both pumps on at all times, so if i should just leave it alone that's fine. Just curious if anyone has used this before. Thanks, Colt