I worked with a defense contractor in AZ. The company used a GPS receiver supplied by L3 Communications in one of their military products. At a band of vibration frequencies the clock generating circuit would stop functioning. All digital electronics requires a clock-generating circuit. I've seen a team of engineers scratch their heads over this problem for weeks. I worked in the environmental test lab (a.k.a. shake & bake lab). I was responsible for collecting test data. When I look at the Sniper ECU I see it operating in a similar environment. An internal combustion engine can produce all sorts of vibration frequencies. I don't know if the problem was ever solved. The charge numbers ran dry and I was re-assigned. If many of the problems with the ECU are caused by dirty power then there should be made available a waterproof power filter to filter noise and voltage spikes on both the main power input and the switched ignition signal. On these utility trailers there is a 20 amp resettable breaker that is molded in rubber and designed to be waterproof. Maybe a power filter designed the same way. In no way am I complaining. Holley and MSD have done a super job at supplying hot-rodders with quality products. Tech support is also very helpful.