So I've been banging my head against a wall all night trying to get this transbrake and bump to work. Have everything wired have output PWM− to the black wire on the SSR blue going to the transbrake orange going to my transbrake button power from battery to other side of transbrake button. Have input 20V from ECU to bump button and other side of button to power. (Now Iím thinking about it do I need to ground the other side of the bump button instead of going to power?) I pin my inputs and enable everything cool. But I go to staging on V5 and I have two more things think one is transbrake and other is manager something that is on my unassigned. Where do those go? Iíll get pictures of it today, but Iím about ready to burn this car down. So simple, but I canít get anything to ever work through the Holley. Any help is appreciated diagrams work a lot better for me, than reading FYI.