Just got back from testing with some new parts and have the tune pretty well dialed.
Installed V5.130 since it touted a new "Points Output Fixed Duty Cycle (MSD)" signal.
I replaced the dual sync distributor with a custom Hall-Effect in the distributor.
Also replaced the MSD crank trigger with the Holley Hall-Effect.
The System Log showed perfect cam and crank sync. This was a huge improvement over the dual sync System Log.
Timing only needed a 2° adjustment in the offset to bring it to the target advance.
Engine fired up easily and revved to 3000 RPM without any tach issues like before.
Went to the track and spent a day tuning and once a faulty injector connection was fixed, tuning went really quickly.
The engine is happy, I'm happy and now it's up to the driver to be as good as the car is.

The fix for the original issue is somewhere between the new crank and cam triggers and the new "Points Output Fixed Duty Cycle (MSD)".
Funny it wouldn't run on the fixed dwell before and now it does.