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Thread: FW0100 & FW0101 having SD card trouble.

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    Default FW0100 & FW0101 having SD card trouble.

    Hi. I figured out how to download the global config file from the ECU to the SD card. Now I can find and open 4150_4_ZBA.sniper in the SD card “Saved GCF” folder in the FW0101 folder.

    I loaded the ZBA tune and tuned my maps etc offline on the laptop and saved the new 512tune1.sniper file to my desktop along with a backup of my 4150_4_ZBA.sniper file.

    Then I copied the 512tune1.sniper file to the “Saved GCFs” folder in the FW0100 folder, ejected the SD card, put it in the 3.5 and powered my ignition. When I went to the File section/Global Configs on the touchscreen it said in small print at the top that it was reading FW0101 and the 4150_4_ZBA.sniper config was the only one listed.

    I couldn’t figure out how to navigate to FW0100 on the handheld- the vertical slider bar doesn’t help when there’s only one option and touching the directory/folder info on the top with the stylus didn’t offer other options.

    OK, so even though the folder that has the stock tune is marked Saved GCF, singular implying it would keep the stock tune, it seems the handheld is only looking for multiple tunes in there, not in the “Saved GCFs” plural in the FW0100 folder.

    I powered down the sniper, brought the SD card in and used my laptop to copy my custom tune along with the stock tune to the 101 folder and put the .info file in there with it too in case that’s important. Then I ejected the SD card and went back out to the driveway. When I powered up the sniper with a copy of my 512tune1.sniper in both folders and navigated the touchscreen to the Config Files now it had no Config Files listed from the SD card at all!

    So how is this done properly? I've put the GCF from the ECU to the SD card, opened it on the laptop, saved it in multiple locations on the SD, and can’t see the new version on the handheld. Thanks for any insight

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    The Sniper product line has had two electronic build versions. Build 0 was the first released and used the FW0100 folder of the SD card. When Build 1 was released, it used the FW0101 folder of the SD Card. The firmware FW_01_01_002 was backward compatible with Build 0 hardware. The older FW0100 folder structure may still be needed for build 0 hardware compatibility. Firmware revision details here

    Your GCF file should be saved to the \HOLLEY\FW0101\Saved GCF\ folder only. Alternatively if you have the USB dongle, you could download from your laptop directly to the Sniper. Then backup to the SD card like you did previously. The Info file is only generated from the Sniper EFI Software. It is not used by the Sniper. Note when you save from Sniper to SD, no info file is generated. You can copy the info file to the SD card so the info file is present when viewing the content in years to come. To remove any chance of a compatibility problem, make sure the GCF file was created with the Sniper EFI software that was released at the same time as the firmware you are running. E.G. the LCD or Sniper firmware might not understand something in the GCF file. When I was using Sniper EFI software 1.2.4 with the previous firmware loaded in the LCD and Sniper, mine would not enter Learning Mode at all. I updated all three firmware/software to resolve with no other changes. So just make sure you update all at the same time to stay compatible.

    Potentially the folder structure on your SD card has been changed / damaged or the SD card was removed from the PC without safely ejecting. To resolve the SD card, make a backup of your entire SD card content to your PC. Download the latest firmware content and overwrite then entire SD card with a clean file/folder structure from Holley's web site. Insert SD card in LCD handheld. Power on. Then Backup Sniper to SD. Your GCF file should be saved to the \HOLLEY\FW0101\Saved GCF\ folder of your SD Card. As a test, select load from SD card and see if the above was saved. You don't need to load it, just confirm the file is saved and is visible in the menu. Then cancel out.

    Then you can load it back into you PC (offline mode direct from SD card if you like) and perform a 'Comparison' within the Sniper EFI Software between your customized GCF and the one running in the Sniper. 'Save As' to a new file name to \HOLLEY\FW0101\Saved GCF\ folder of your SD Card. Return to the car and see if your new file is present. Gary.
    351 Cleveland
    Holley Sniper EFI 4150 Super Sniper 650 with HyperSpark Ignition.

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    Thank you so much!

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    Quick followup. A Holley tech phone operator helped me out too. He said I was OK to go ahead and throw away the 100 folder and only use the 101. I can now flash to and from my SD card and tune Offline in my living room.

    Also, I got my CAN USB dongle in the mail and it wasn’t working at all. I had to delete all the Sniper software off my computer and re-install it. Probably something went wrong with the USB driver, I dunno. Short story long: All good now.

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    Yes, a lot of Sniper problems are actually Windows related issues. The software doesn't seem to be super robust and issues pop up during FW upgrades. I always grit my teeth a bit when I do a FW upgrade since it's common to have to redo part of the process.

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