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Thread: Whistling or whining from fuel tank area.

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    Default Whistling or whining from fuel tank area.

    I installed a Holley fuel pressure regulator and since the install, I'm having issues with the pump or regulator making noises. The gas tank is 1/2 full. This didn't start until I replumbed my fuel system and installed a new pressure regulator. Someone in another group said there was a known issues with these pressure/regulators doing that if you have 90° fittings installed near it. I have three 90° -AN fittings installed close to the regulator, two on the regulator itself. Holley is supposed to be aware of it he said. I don't know if they're yanking my chain, so I wanted to ask here.

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    Is the tank vented properly? Sounds like as the fuel is being used it is creating a vacuum inside the tank. Andrew

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    Oh yeah, I'm using a pressure release valve vent mounted high up above the gas tank. Got it from Tanks Inc.

    I posted my issue on Facebook and there are several folks reporting similar issue with this same pressure regulator filter. I had zero problems like this with my old GM Corvette filter regulator

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    Did you ever get a solution to this? I got the Sniper EFI Fuel Tank just so I wouldn’t hear the fuel pump and mine is loud. I'm also running 90s at my fuel pressure regulator, but only on the return and feed side not on the inlet, that goes straight in. I can hear my pump in or out of the car at idle and that a 455 with headers and Flowmaster mufflers, it's not a quiet idle.

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    I haven't figured it out yet. I may end removing the 90s and trying straight ends & hoses. If it still persists I'm gonna swap my stock style Corvette regulator back in...I know it didn't make that noise. Some people on other groups say they just deal with it, it's annoying to me, LOL!

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    Have you figured it out yet? I'm dealing with the same issue and now Holley says to add a few 90s between the pump and the filter/regulator. Aeromotive says that that style filter/regulator combo will not work with a high volume/pressure pump and to use a stand-alone regulator with a separate filter. Parts on order and I'll post back with the results for whoever will need it next.

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    I haven't. I haven't messed with the car in a while, but will be soon. I do know I didn't have this issue with the Corvette style filter/regulator I used to have installed. Let me know what you find out.

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