I have the Stealth Ram with the Commander 950. I have a couple questions, but I'm sure that a couple will turn into a few based on the answers I receive.
1) How do I know/what's the easiest way, to tell if I have the Narrow or WBO2 setup? I have the main ECU and there's a smaller module that says "Commander 950" on it and the WBO2 sensor plugs into that module then to the header, not the main ECU. Is this module the same for both narrow and WBO2?
2) Is there anyone in/near Iowa that is good with the programming of the C950? I'm in the Des Moines area, but can travel if needed. I'll admit, I know just enough to be dangerous, but I don't want to play with something I'm not sure of. Too much money invested to burn a new engine up. TIA, Jeff