Holley tunes and datalogs share data base? I was given a huge head start on my Dominator by using Matt Happel’s Sloppy Mechanics 1000 RWHP Colorado base tune on my LQ4 turbo Fox.
It’s got me to thinking. Could we come up with a post or a forum or a Dropbox or something for the community to post their tune, setup, datalogs, and results in an organized and constructive way? It was one thing to sort of read about how a flex fuel sensor should be setup and all, but seeing it the sloppy base tune really gave me an understanding of how it should be done and how/why it works. For others to see how multiple nitrous stages, different bump boxes, traction controls, G-meters, wheel speed sensors, PWM based fan controls, turn signal control, and all these great things that Dominators can do. I think the best way to learn could be to see examples in a working tune. And a lot of it crosses Ford/Chevy/Dodge/Honda lines (they all have turn signals & fans, LOL). Anyone have an idea of the best way to do this or the tech know how to set something like this up?

UPDATE: Anyone willing to share. Please include as much info as you can, maybe also upload a notes file with engine/trans/tire/weight/power added, etc. And also a datalog if at all possible. I think it’s best if we make it completely anonymous, but it's optional: https://script.google.com/macros/s/A...r7ErDJuAc/exec.

This is the link for viewing already uploaded tunes: https://drive.google.com/drive/folde...-hauD0cc1mm2kS.