Starting to get pretty frustrated trying to sort out what's going on with my Atomic EFI. I've had the unit for about 7 years and have already sent the unit back to MSD for a MAP replacement (5-6 years ago). I haven't even put 5K miles on it since putting the Atomic on. For the past few months, and out of the blue, the car starts to breakdown under load in the 2,500+ range. Its basically not derivable now. When in neutral and held at 2,500 RPM the AFR goes to 18:1 - 20:1 which I don't recall it ever doing that. MAP decreases to 8-9"HG and fuel pressure goes up to 50 PSI. Initially it started as a big bog when revving. I fixed the bog by adjusting the pump squirt but still have the massive hesitation under load. Prior to this and the previous MAP replacement I had no issues whatsoever and no Bog. The Atomic is in full control and adjusting timing on its own. That all appears to be working correctly. I have the latest update too.
The setup is a Ford 302 with Aluminum Heads, Comp Cams Mother Thumpr cam, 9.5 compression, headers, etc.