Hello everybody. I've been a member for a little over a year now. I visit these forums frequently, so my introduction is overdue. I'm retired from trucking and live in middle TN just a little ways north of Nashville. I'm 66 yrs. old and have been around drag racing since I was about 12. I graduated from the "school of hard knocks" and I'm a past member of the trick of the month club. I got away from racing in the late 80s and now I'm trying to come back. Boy things sure have changed. I've noticed on these forums that there are some pure geniuses. I read posts from all categories even if they don't pertain to my situation. I was lost worse than last years Easter egg, but I'm learning fast. I appreciate all the help that I get here. I'm looking forward to learning more. Y'all keep up the good work and I'll talk to you later. Sincerely, Crowfly