Hey Gang: Like a lot of other folks who bought the Avenger system and the handheld display/programmer device, ours has decided to get so dim you can't use it. The car was down for a few years - worked just fine a few years ago, now it's so dim you can't even read it.

So, we either need a new handheld (have no idea as to the part number and availability), OR can we use the 553-108 display? The ECU is basically a Holley HP ECU - and we upgraded the firmware to V5 and can use the V5 software, so I believe this "might" work.

Kind of annoying that so many Avenger users have seen this problem - to me this is a distinct DEFECT in the product that we should not have to deal with on our end. When I buy an Apple iPhone - the display continues to work for many years, I expect the same of Holley.

Note: This is not my only Holley EFI purchase - just bought two box fulls of Dominator stuff - for a big blown application. What say you Holley? Dale