I have a Ford with the Holley HP and dual sync distributor. I'm trying to get all my pre checks in order and one of the last things I need is to buy a timing light to test or check my newly installed distributor and before the first start and check it after to see if it's following the commend on the ECU.

Can I ask how important this is? I have never checked timing before and I've been watching YouTube uploads, but I'm still not sure what I'm doing. Like is this a step I have to 100% do with the Holley HP and dual sync to get it correct?

I'm looking for mid priced timing light options from Jegs now and even mid range Innova ones on eBay or Amazon. Sadly, I hope I can learn how to use this properly and will likely be a one time use expensive item or maybe three time use after checking timing at higher RPM while I hope the car starts the first time. Anyone know an affordable option to get additional leads to reach my battery in the trunk? The battery powered timing lights aren't reviewed that well? Thanks.