Hey folks, long time lurker for this forum. I'm hoping some of you guys can help me out. I'm interesting in buying the basic Stealth fuel cell EFI pump (part #19-370). This is the pump with the fill and cap on the top of it. My fuel cell is under-mounted beneath the bed of my street rod pickup truck. I have about a 6-8" vertical 6-bolt fill neck with a cap on it that I access from a hatch in the bed of the truck. This particular pump looks like it would be an awesome fit for my Summit fuel cell, but I need a longer neck on it. The cap simply won't work unless I want to tote a long funnel with me to the gas station each time (and I don't). I'm reading the product description, and it looks like the cap is standard 1˝" NPT female thread (says 1.5 in by 12 threads). Does anyone see any reason why I couldn't some standard threaded pipe connector and a rubber fuel tank host and neck/cap from tanks inc and call it a day? Any chance anyone has already tried to fab up any of their pumps with the fill cap? Let me know.