Hello. I'm currently in the middle of a 3 year restoration project on a Lancia Beta Coupe 1979 1.6.
The Current plan is to have a turbocharged blow through carbureted setup, I haven''t ordered anything yet as I thought best place to start would be the Carb itself and work off from that.
I haven''t really worked with carbs before so excuse my lack of expertise on this one.

Essentially would any one be able to point me to a 2 barrel Carb which would support my Engine along with a blow through hat setup running at low boost I.E most likely under 10 PSI.
Below I have tried to supply you with as much information as i have to hand regarding the current specs of the car.

I have already spoken to a Holley rep who said they don't have a 2 barrel carb that would support a blow through setup, the only thing apparently they have is a 4 barrel which even the guy said was over kill for a small engine like mine.
I would really really appreciate any help that anyone you can offer me .

Car (Lancia Beta Coupe 1979 1.6)
The current carb is a 2 barrel Weber/Solex 34 DMTR (factory).

Standard jetting:
23mm Primary venturi (fixed)
27mm Secondary venturi (fixed)
115 Primary main jet
130 Secondary main jet
F21 Primary emulsion tube
F25 Secondary emulsion tube
225 Primary air corrector jet
190 Secondary air corrector jet
50 Primary idle jet
50 Secondary idle jet
45 Pump jet
175 Needle valve.

Engine size - Displacement - Engine capacity : 1585 cm3 or 96.7 cu-in
Weight 1145 kg
Engine Code : 828B.000
Engine displacement 1585 cm3
Maximum power - Output - Horsepower : 100 PS or 99 BHP or 74 kW @ 5800 RPM
4 cylinder, 8 valves With compression ratio of 9.4.
Cheers George